Linzey Nroqwnell — I Fuk My Sister’s Boyfriend

This girl here will f*** anybody shoves needles in arms everyday all day goes to jail gets out still has a boyfriend Fox five guys in a month no remorse at all f**** her sister’s boyfriend in her own and her sister bed tells her ex-boyfriend she loves him and she wants to try to make it work Carter doing a threesome sleep with 60 guys a year it doesn’t matter where you live or who you are or what you look like she will spread her legs she’s getting tested for DRD and just keeps f****** people cuz I heard that’s how dirty she really is she tried to f*** my cousin because I owed her money she tried to sleep with my cousins brother cuz she’s a hore Carter suking a 70 year old man off so she can do needles is it a perfect role model for the kids she gets caught stealing from Walmart for a chocolate bar sleep with people she’s not attracted to she says actually her exact words were I am a f****** dirt pig I love d1ck and I will take it wherever I can get it and she will she f**** people all day while watching a two year old little girl it don’t matter if you’re f****** 16 or 90 this f****** trap will jump on your deck within a second of meeting her as long as you have some dope for rehab won’t even work don’t ever trust a guy’s she will make you believe that she cares to put you away the next second or did you jump on the neck the next deck that can give her whatever she wants so please whoever fights with this girl rapping a few times right now she’s pregnant and she doesn’t know who the kid’s father is it could be her sister’s boyfriend it could be the other guy how it could be f****** 60 guys in the town of Cornwall is all might want to get paternity test nothing like a f****** stinky pu55y.

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