Mike Nader — Cleveland’s Biggest Dirt Ball!

Mike Nader — Cleveland’s Biggest Dirt Ball!. Meet Mike “Knubby” Nader. This is the prime example of sperm that should’ve dripped down the leg. This guy will go after ALL of his friends ex gf’s the minute they break up. Not sure what his pickup line is since he still lives at home with mommy who controls all of his bank accounts at the age of 35 years old. Mike is the type of loser who runs all around Cleveland telling people he’s a somebody because of a name tag, chill dude you’re a day shift manager at a strip club not because you’re good but simply because no one wants to work day shift not to mention none of his coworkers like him there. Going out with him to places he is the biggest joke. He’ll run around to any place where he can get discounted bottles and try to have his friends pay for it all like a typical mooch that he is and then invites girls trying to act like he paid for it all. It’s time to move out of your moms house and grow up Mike.

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