Daniel Kennedy — Big Tough Woman Abuser

Daniel Kennedy — Big Tough Woman Abuser. Daniel Kennedy is easily one of the biggest pieces of trash in town. He’s 23 years old beatzs on his 18/19 year old woman. They have fought countless assault charges and no contact orders because he keeps beating her up. Giving her black eyes ect. I wish this guy would get hit by a semi, not to f0king kill him but to leave him paralyzed so he can sit in the hospital and learn how to walk again but 3 months later after learning how to walk again I hope a semi hits you for a second time and this one takes you the f0k out. I wish nothing but the absolute worst for this guy. Some boys need to show him up show him he’s not big and tuff for hurting young woman (there’s multiple). Your day will come Daniel Kennedy. GP ain’t so big and I got your daddy there lol boy stop fuking with woman, and then playing victim. You made your bed now lay in it! Best have eyes in the back of your head. No mercy. See ya around.

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