Norman Vike — Thieving Douchebag

This scumbag Norman Vike is a 58 year old loser who is a murdering c0ckroach. He ran over a young guy in Grande Prairie and only got a year in jail and a 3 year year licence suspension. He cheats on his wife Marylynn Vike whenever he can. He’s a meth head slash crackhead. He steals wood and other building materials from job sites. He says he’s a carpenter but his work is sh1t and he rips off any customers that he can con into letting him do a job. He drives vehicles with no insurance no registration and nine times out of ten he’s driving drunk. Females of Grande Prairie beware of this junkie he is a married man but a piece of sh1t who uses women for a place to stay because most days of the year this fuk head is homeless or sponging off his wife .He owes so many drug dealers and other people around G.P money it’s not even funny. Never lend.this crack head money cause you will never get it back. He’s known to hang out at Tractor jacks looking for his next victim.

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