Brittini Dediluke — Homewrecking White Trash Hows Can’t Stay Away From Men, Booze And Blow

For years this piece of meat has been oring herself to any man she can find to leach off of. She’s cheated on every guy she’s been with and been passed around Alibi’s like the collection plate at church. Everyone gets to try and most leave a little something. She’s been on the bottle most her life and takes her anger out on everyone in her life, even her kids. She’s broken up several marriages even sleeping with one father while his kids and girlfriend were in the house ( check the video out ). If she’s not drunk she’s borrowing money to get high, pepesi , mdma just to name a few. Be careful guys she’s gotta have something by now. I heard she gave her last bf crabs. Seriously though watch the f&$k out for this one. Messed up in the head, uses whatever excuse to get pitied on and takes full advantage of everyone she can. Careful girls she does play both ways!

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