Adam Bollinger — STALKER – SEXUAL HARRASSMENT EXPERT – BLACKMAILER –, ADAM BOLLINGER The Red Headed Stalking Machine who manipulates younger girls (18-20) to try to have sex with him in his car or he will expose false information to friends and family – Adam Bollinger is a total loser i read texts to my girlfriend from trying to manipulate her to have “quick sex” with him in his car when she rejected him he threatened to “expose lies” about her on various websites facebook groups to her family friends etc. He claims to be a “Big time autograph chaser” and can locate her at anytime hes followed us in his car tons of times “randomly” sees us in person the guy is a creep and a liar he is married but i cannot track her down to tell her whats really going on hes tried this with multiple girls he knows please if you can STAY AWAY FROM THIS CREEP !!!!!! MOST RECENT ENCOUNTERS : 8/2/2020 – 7/21/2020 – 7/4/2020 THIS ALL STARTED WHEN HE WAS TRYING TO PAY MY GIRLFRIEND FOR SEX ON MAY 1ST 2020 IF YOU KNOW HER PLEASE FORWARD THIS ALONG.

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