Sarah Nicole Shelton — The THOT Of Brampton

Well. Here is a crazy dangerous b1tch that all yall should stay away from. She is a major alcoholic and violent about it too. She would be like “I only like guy friends becuz girls are full of dramas.” But in fact she just takes advantage of the stupid guys and she has fuked all of them but nobody likes her. She likes to suck them dry off their money and then move on the next one. There is only two things this b1tch care about, money and d1k. She says shes “a model” but for real her only job is selling nudes, mind you they look nasty af sometimes guys won’t even buy them but that can’t stop this dirty whore from giving them out for free X’D She has no girl friends becuz every girl in Brampton knows that she’s trash. like literally. She will make you like her and then just stays in your house because she is de facto homeless. And when she is drunk she would beat up whoever she doesn’t like, that include the elderly and even minor children. Hell she even went to jail for it. And don’t ever go shopping with her because she will just shove things in a large bra and steal them. She like to flirt with other girls boyfriends and body shame the girl while she drinks alcohol everyday and already got a beer belly. Dont be fooled, guys and girls, she might seem nice at first but she would totally murder you for a shot of vodka.

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