Delaney Hamilton — Delusional Delaney

Delaney Hamilton — Delusional Delaney. This girl is so delusional nik she doesn’t know who her baby dad is, since she was 10 minutes pregnant she’s just leeched to this guy who slept with her once and has 2 other baby moms. She tries so hard to be accepted by them and apart of their family she was so creepy she messaged his other baby moms family trying to introduce her baby!! Her kid looks nothing like the dad she’s accusing or his other kids!!! Yet his kids sure are identical. She won’t get a DNA test because she’s scared. Even if it comes around that it is his kid(Highly unlikely) It won’t change anything because she’s so messed up in the end she burned her bridges with everyone in his life he truly cares about. She broke up with her boyfriend and is going more delusional now. She needs serious help. She doesn’t even have an actual bond with her baby, At not even a month old she’s been left with different people FOUR separate times so delaney could go and drink and do pepsi. DISGUSTING.

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