Trevor Elias — Narcissistic,Cheating ,Druggie

Trevor prey on vulnerable women, single moms. He has a thing for heavy women. He always has his phone on silent and says he is sleeping but what he is doing is at his other woman’s place while standing the other one up. His excuses are migraines and horrible pains cause he got the drd from Kerry Lynn Jolicoeur-Pokornik (Bell). The whole time he was in a relationship with my friend he was fuking 2 others. He has DRDs and is always playing the victim. When in reality he cares for no one but himself . He is targeting women with kids cause he can’t have his without supervision . He lives with his mom and can’tkeep his d1ck in his pants Kerry Lynn is a big and nasty and dirty sl##. She sends nudes to anyone that asks Trevor only pretends to be be with you because all he wants is to get laid.

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