Tracy Midori Kawakami — [email protected] Tracy

Tracy Midori Kawakami [email protected] Tracy.Meet spacey Tracy. This up and coming aboriginal activist who acts like she loves everyone, but is cutting down white people in private. Claims she is native but Dad is Japanese and Mom is half Metis…Nowhere near native sweety!! She’s a major pot head who’s stoned all day every day, even smoking up on her lunch breaks at work where she works with children!! She likes to share with her teen / pre teen sons, one who destroys her rental and steals from her. Good job enabling your up and coming criminal, try to be a parent instead of his friend. Oh wait you don’t know how, you give away your kids or have them taken cause you are incapable of parenting and then go on your giant pity party for attention. Only seems to want them around when she realises she can’t pay her bills without her child tax money! How many times now has your water been cut off? How many landlords have you done the “midnight dash” on? How many of your kids are in your actual care now? Where’s your dog? Oh, but you can find her lewds all over FB, just dying for some shred of attention. Here some of the attention you drool for, enjoy!

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