Tayller Peltier — Catfish

Tayller Peltier — Catfish. This wpg trash needs to be put on blast. shes so ghetto its sad. Shes used to living in c0ckroaches like how could u live like that?she try’s acting gangster (embarrassing!!!!) always has rotten breath & panty crust & always stoned even when pregnant!! Dont believe her pics either shes such a catfish with filters ALL THE TIME &looks like she has fas eyes all spaced apart & a witch nose & chin! we are all sick of u & ur conceded posts acting like ur better then everybody crying over everything & needing attention. ask ur man to give u attention or is he cheating on u to?? Drugged up whore go work on being a new mommy instead of smoking up all day crying cuz ur ugly. Cant fix ugly and cant fix a ugly personality either u used up Pepsi head!!

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