Shar Daniels — Washed Up Joker Face

This mutt is an old lady now that tries to act young ,you have how many kids with 5or6 baby dads Forever has her nose up someone’s ass, thinking she’s the cool meanwhile people use her for whatever they can get cuz she thinks she can buy friends lol Chill on calling down them young girls, calls them h0es and whatnot yet shar was queen bee on Sargent selling her cracks for her crack addiction. Stop calling other people what you were at one time , forget where you came from? Or do we need to start you back up on Sargent (chicken delight) or was it ellice that was your money maker , half the young ones your calling down or trying to fight , have a better head on their shoulders than you did at their age. Go get some eye cream for those bags under your eyes , you must be pretty baggy everywhere by now lmfao You’re over 40 years old go raise your kids instead of your family raising them. Old maples hoe , this dirty made her rounds on all areas of winnipeg only reason she got along with the guys better is cuz she’s a horny b1tch that liked to give rounds with all them rezzed out mutts lmfao and to the ones that didn’t want to fuk her they became “bros” your fuking old looking now from all the drugs and drinking you’ve done ,no amount of “good” make up can fix that lmao your old nickname joker face how much you loved that one lmaoo you’ve always been the same picckin on these young dumb dudes find a man , maybe you’ll be happier. Never will understand why you ALWAYS chased the younger boys , your mentality is the same age as the boys you chase around *puke* passing out your chaffed baggy vag like it’s candy huh lol piggish go back to sageen.

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