Shaina Grysiuk — The Moon, Pizza, Or Shaina Grysiuk

Is it the moon? A piece of pizza? No it’s Shaina Grysiuks crater face, don’t let all her filters fool you it’s like someone used a cheese grater on her face. Heads up Winnipeg…or let’s be honest half the population of the city has slept with her, all you have to do is slide into her dms, tell her you have some Pepsi and she will be right over, and you’ll know when she is over because you will smell that disgusting pu55y two blocks down the street. Well folks if you are with her, make sure you wrap up, I’ve heard she has multiple drds, and is over at a different guys every weekend, stay classy shaina you dirty whore.

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Kimberlee Melanson Daley-Local whore Likes Men With DRDs

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