Selina St Pierre — White Trash

Selina St Pierre — White Trash.This girl acts like she is better then other girls and she is full of herself, meanwhile she’s really just white trash from the Rez and walks around indecent in an undershirt/tank top 24/7. She sleeps with anyone she can get her hands on, cheats on every guy that she dates, not only cheating she’s also emotionally/mentally abusive to her boyfriends then she plays the victim. But wait, it gets worse. She’s always spreading DRD’s around cause her pu55y stank and she can’t Keep herself clean with all the sloring she does. She’s a crazy borderline stalker . She cares more about beefing with other females then she does about her own daughters safety and happiness, you can see the sadness in her daughters face. She also has a new guy in her and her daughters life constantly breaking her heart. Stay away from her she will cheat on you and give you DRD’s.

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