Ryan Bouchie Winnipeg’s Runner Up For Dirtiest

Ryan Bouchie Winnipeg’s Runner Up For Dirtiest. Winnipegs runner up for dirtiest This here is Ryan Bouchie. He is an abusive pr1ck. As soon as he meets someone he will move in instantly and start selling his drugs from the house . Has to sell drugs for living cause his criminal history can’t score him a job. He will sleep with anyone and everyone just so he a place to stay! He is known to give females DRDS , his girlfriend currently has them as well so perfect he won’t give them to anyone else, all he does is drink and get drunk he can make babies but not be man enough to raise them he’ll raise everyone else’s kid but not his own feel bad for his children and the one son he keep in contact with only uses him for money , smart boy he has there , sad thing is , is his girlfriend looks like his sons girlfriend pretty creepy if you ask me ! But dude is wanted by police so if you see him around give them a call

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