Renn (Karen) Toth Pillhead & Pregnant

Renn (Karen) Toth Pillhead & Pregnant. Renn toth likes to go by this name because if you google Karen Roth you realize she was a missing person for like 2 years. Renn spends her days failing her free university She gets from being indigenous (thanks for wasting taxpayers money Karen) so while she’s at school popping xanax, oxycodone, lorazepam, molly, and snorting pepsi along with smoking it or meth as well, her drug dealer boyfriend Mitchell johanson is off cheating with arissa Knelsen and Lexi and steph. She won’t leave him though because she’s pregnant with his child….. most pregnant woman take prenatal vitamins but renn thinks her mixture of pills everyday along with pepsi, meth, weed and tobacco is going to do the trick. Also they live in a run down moldy house in elm wood where they keep their 2 guns along with ammunition. Mitchell still has a warrant but renn thinks hiding him in her mothers house is smart ! So basically she’s a junkie who likes getting beat and cheated on whos also killing her unborn baby with drugs

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