Megan McKay — Crazy Alcoholic

Megan McKay — Crazy Alcoholic. Hey everyone this nasty piece of work is Megan McKay! The only thing she’s good at is goin on benders and being an alcoholic an also bein one of the most annoying hoodrat b1tches just like all her friends. All these b1tches do is talk about drinkin an drugs an then wanna come up an talk shiz about others for doin the same thing they do. They always badmouthin they exes who escaped these crazy addicted b1tches. B1tch got around back in the day an will probs give you a drd too. She got an IQ of 0 an prob won’t go further in life than serving others. I’ll take extra mayo on my burger b1tch looool. Somebody should also tell her that painting yo big crooked witch nose with purple highlight doesn’t make you look like a boss b1tch, you look like you belong in a circus ya clown. Maybe this will teach you to keep your mouth shut an not be talking shiz. Everyone feel free to hit her up, she’s open for business! ENJOY MEG.

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