Meaghan Richey — Trashcona Trash Alert

Meaghan Richey — Trashcona Trash Alert. Look who’s back on the drugs again!!! This “mother” is and shes straight trash. She’s known all over transcona for opening her legs to any guy that gives her the littlest bit of attention. She cheated on her last baby dad and the guy believes the child is his. She lets her first baby dad come to her house high on meth to “spend time with the kids.” She thinks she’s gods gift but look at her. She looks like she’s on serious drugs again and doesn’t look healthy at all. Her face is so gross and without make up she looks like a cancer patient. It’s so sad. Reality check meaghan, stop the drugs, focus on your parenting skills cause your kids are f***king BRATS!!! Never wanted to throat punch a child so bad in my life. Clean your smelly panties and stop opening your legs to everyone. No one wants you anymore cause everyone’s already had your smelly a55 when they were desperate drunks. Exactly why your boyfriend cheats on you every chance he gets, you disgust him. It’s time to grow up and stop the fake life you’re living. Also stop the filters, I know you’re ugly but the filters make you look crusty af, let the world know your true face cause when people see you they expect you to be glowing with butterflies all around ya head but infact its just BARFFFF!! Get help hun. Please for your kids.

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