Maria Hoosima — Selfish, Lying, Junkie

This chick is nothing but disgusting. She sleeps with guys for dope and leaves used needles laying around and some have blood in them. Her house is a trap house. She hates her own kids and says she’d rather shoot up then to be a mom. She will takes your husband and do the nasty. Maria is known by Maria Brass,Williams or Tinker. She tried to have her own family members jumped. All she cares about is her next high. A junkie thru and they. Lies to everyone about her so called trauma and the reason so many of her dealers were busted is because she ratted them out to get out of charges and not go to jail. She always has drama and brags how tough she is and yet she can’t fight to save her life. She has drd, and you can smell her filth. Works the plugs for all the dope she can one of the dirtiest sl**s in the Peg. Syphilis is her special name!

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