Leslea Mair-Kaldor — Narcissistic Psych Gossiper Fruitcake From Hell

Leslea Mair-Kaldor — Narcissistic Psych Gossiper Fruitcake From Hell. This lady is a huge negative Gossiping fruitcake everyday snitty person. Everyday something completely evil and narcissistic comes out of rediculous gaping mouth. The psycho will not shut her mouth up at all and goes on and on and on about Irrelevant shit disturbance negativity 24/7 slandering bitch psycho creep. She has actually been known to be able to sh1ttalk about people in a group setting for well over a couple hours annoying and creepily about people she has worked with that do not see eye to eye with her. News for you Leslea creepy mair NO one sees eye to eye with you because your a self centered racist discriminative psychopath and a nasty narcissistic gossipinging negative birch from Hell. Leslea does not believe in a God that’s because in the bible there’s all kinds of very true scriptures that come against her self centered gossiping ignorant arrogant irrational creeped out sh1t decisions and actions all day everyday. Over and over this psycho b1tch gets away with back talking you behind your back. Anyone that deals with her and wants to punch her out do it!! She married into the kaldor family in Saskatchewan and they are all full of extremely arrogant inconsiderate insensitive racist demented evil a55holes. That whole entire family does not care about anyone but themselves. This Leslea is the worst out if anyone I’ve ever heard for being so rude to people behind their backs. Shes absolutely acts disturbing. Creepy immature ratbag that calls peoples mothers that she doesnt agree with lmfao. Stupid b1tch. Call my mom you dumb psycho b1tch lmfao. What a total loser this woman freak is. Just know shes the creepiest little psycho and chances are shes been gossiping about you. She probly ruined your life with her demented personal opinions of bullshit ignorant narcisasistic gossiping. Do not go to her house she will judge you, condemn you, gossip against you, and the only person she should be checking is her own self. Fuk you Leslea b1tch fuk you.

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