Karly Asham — Manipulative Junkie

It starts off this girl is the biggest catfish. I wonder why she posts those pictures with her face like that. I didn’t even recognize her new pictures tbh. And second this girl is so manipulative . I feel sorry for any man who gets her. She’s extremely manipulative. She threatens peoples lives if her psycho a55 doesn’t get what she wants. She’s old and run down and no one wants her. Except her new meth boyfriend who smokes the meth with her. Man I feel bad for the new guy tbh she was smoking the meth long before she met him. Too bad she’s dragging him down too. She’s a notorious cheater too. Will do anything for that peice. She lives off people and then abuses them when they say something about it. You will know who this is KARLY. She will deny all of this by the way! I’m posting this as a warning so sick of seeing her catfish face pretending to be this big happy family. Meanwhile she doesn’t even have her own place. Never did. You deserve this karly. I hope he catches you soon. Sneaking around as usual.

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