Josh O’Meara — Fat Disgusting Fuker

Josh O’Meara — Fat Disgusting Fuker. Where do I begin well this fat fuk is a bowlegged motherfuker he stinks he’s so fat he can’t even shower he smells like rotten fuking sardines and cheese he’s so fat he can’t even touch his fuking toes this big fuking whale His mom is an alcoholic and she used to sell herself that skinny fuking toothpick Him and his cousin Bobby Thomson Sleep with under age girls and they take turns on them they have threesomes Josh is a molester He molested his own cousins Tia O’Meara and Felicia this sick fuk He’s just ugly disgusting and that this fuker should wear a bag on his head he doesn’t shower he’s a walking DRD He sleeps with his own mom And she gives him blowjobs what a disgusting family this guy doesn’t deserve to be alive for what he does he used to kill dogs in his rez He uses the girls for money and he takes advantage of them don’t sleep with him he doesn’t shower he stunk up my house I had to open the windows and I have to spray for breeze everybody was talking sh1t about him And was shooting him off about sh1tting his self at a house party everybody told him to keep his shoes on his feet stunk so bad he even had plastic bags in his shoes this fat fuk smoke so much crystal meth He didn’t even drop one fuking pound this bastard is a deadbeat fuk he’s not allowed to be around anybody’s kids same with his own fuking children his ugly fuking kids because he’s a fuking molester stay away from those bastards.

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