Jennifer Caron — Pill Popping Bipolar Nut Case

Jennifer Caron — Pill Popping Bipolar Nut Case.This Charleswood mom of the 3, whom has 3 baby daddies is completely mentally insane. She had a baby at such a young age with a guy, then got married to another guy had another kid. Now this is where is gets messed up, she left her good husband for a Pepsi selling, juice junkie- which of course she had her 3 baby with. The funny this is she’s out to lunch and doesn’t realize the guy is a cheater he’s been on leoslist for both the D and the V! – AKA he’s a dirty cheater and has passed around some DRDs. Yet she doesn’t care. Poor girl doesn’t realize because she’s to out of from all her pills. FYI he’s not the best in bed! Sorry Jenn your “perfect” life is far from that!!! Don’t hate the player hate the game! Hopefully the $ he makes he at least try’s and supports you & your 3 kids. Poor kids!

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