Jen Sanderson — Unstable Psychopath Liar Jen Sanders

Jen Sanderson — Unstable Psychopath Liar Jen Sanders. Meet Jen Sanders aka Jen Uchiha on fb or if you know her by her floozy name Jasmine. Don’t leave her alone or she will steal from you to feed her pepsi addiction and booze. Claims to be highly educated but cant even hold a conversation as shes too strung out on something. As soon as she stops getting her way with you she will tell sob stories to ppl dumb enough to believe her claiming rape when anybody that knows her knows she spreads her legs within the first couple hours. Which is weird cuz when you first meet her she will be acting super awkward and quiet and then boom h0e mode lol……and next day she will be sending you messages telling you that she loves you and cant live with out you lmao!!!! And she does this to every guy!!!! her and her skinner bf Mike (aka Cree) who went to jail for touching kids belong together. Complete psychopath…..unless you wanna get laid by a very easy and very heavily photo filtered woman…..stay away!!!!

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