Heater Pierre — Bed Beat Mother Who Drinks And Brings Random Men To Her House To Fuk.

Heather has a boyfriend meanwhile when he isnt there she brings random guys around to fuk in front of her kids….she drinks everyday all day and night…her place is so gross she never cleans the place stinks and is full of garbage. She smokes weed in front of her little baby and kids and when she is drunk she screams and yells at her kids and hits them……her house is constantly getting egged and she is getting beat up every week because she sleeps with her friends boyfriends. Her older daughter has to fight her battles because everyone that she lives around in Manitoba housing wants to beat the shit out of her cuz she is a trouble maker….everytime she drinks she goes mental and has a new guy every week….she calls her babies dad a dead beat but she wont let him see the kids cuz shes mad he moved on and has a new family. Shes is an alcoholic and needs help.

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