Dwight Monkman

Dwight Monkman. This fine piece of work is Dwight Monkman. He is one of the most biggest cry babies Ive ever seen. He always acted insecure when he was messing around with my girl amy haha crying around all the time trying to boss her around like he didn’t have a baby mama at home yes a baby mama who was pregnant with his child at the time funny how they try act like little fans towards her after Dwight fxxked with her LOL Cheyanne just leave the guy he is only using you for a place to stay! You know once you’re broken up he will try go back to amy lol idk why Cheyanne Catcheway even took him back when all she did was call him down everyday telling him to leave her alone he would even tell amy everything she said acting like he wasnt trying to get back with her girl all he did was say nothing but bad things about you I suggest you leave him before he ends up beating you he lets off those types of vibes top it off why would you stay with someone who loves someone elses px55y lmao I recall him saying that to her too lol.

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