Doll Woodhouse — Stage 5 Clinger

Hey nik, This woman is straight up a stalker shes worse than a hemorrhoid or even a Bush tick or shall I say butt tick ,keep your distance from this walking wanna be Kardashian because she will follow you like a lost puppy in the rez or will jump on you like a bed bug in the furby and ellice apartment buildings so make sure your ready for this roach because you cant get rid of her and she will stalk your whole life even your social life , actually you wouldn’t be allowed to have a social life if you got involved with this woman shes like the FBI and when it comes to being a homie floozy or the neighborhood mattress, I’d use extra protection when coming in contact with this broad because shes a catfish with fake phoney drawn on eyebrows, this woman literally tries so hard to look good with all the filters and makeup meanwhile hiding behind all those filters and make up shes a real life troll who likes to poke her big pinocchio nose in everyone’s business so shes not even trust worthy as a friend I’d stay as far away from this lady as possible… oh yeah and about that big old mole she tries so hard to cover up with make up ,that completes her look of being a troll who has nothing better to do with her life then stalk any or all guys that fall into her silly trap also make sure you double wrap it fellas…. dont want anyone else catching those horrible damn drds she has down there.

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