Dezzy Czemerynski — Psychotic Stalker

Dezzy Czemerynski — Psychotic Stalker. This woman right is Dezzy Czemerynski. She’s a lieing psychotic stalker who makes threats towards you if she doesn’t get what she wants from you. She finds out where you live and constantly watches you. She will literally harass you for no reason at all, and when told to stop, she will just get worse. She then goes around lieing about you to everyone, trying to ruin your life and tries to get people to feel sorry for her making people think she’s the victim when she’s not. She chose drugs over her own kids and let cfs take them from her. She cares about no one but herself. The city of Winnipeg needs to be made aware of this lieing psychotic stalker before someone else becomes a victim.

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206-856-3063 122 Broadway Seattle

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