Charlene Daniels — Sargent Splice Special

This jokerface needs to be on this site an old ex floozy in early 40s thinks she’s still in her 20s that has how many different baby dads and has nerve to call down the younger generation calling them h0es excuse you jokerface (what she was called when she was a northend skank) back about 20 yrs ago why are you always arguing on fb with younger girls? And why do you go after younger boys? you pedo why is it ok for a “lady” to do it but as soon as a man does it he’s a pedo? jokerface has like 5-6 babydads and calls the younger chicks h0es and they don’t pop out kids like this professional mother sloppy box by now after all those kids she surrogated from her johns she doesn’t always take care of her kids like she fronts your family raises your kids for you while your out partying and acting like your 20 your age shows in those baggy eyes all the drinking and drugs took a toll on you already give it up you brown noser always has her nose up some ones a55 buying friendships lmfao Sargent and Ellice special hood hopping h0e you only got along with the boys better cuz you were doing trains in the north end and maples old ass ex junkie that thinks she still young go smoke another rock like you did in the early 2000s or you do bubbles now ? cuz it sure shows in your sunk in face can’t believe how this jokerface thinks nobody knows her past don’t try so hard to fit in you old used up floozy passing on her kakas to those younger boys shame on you Sargent Ellice special lmfaoo.

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