Cassandra Tusa — A Meth Head And Her Pu55y Stank

Cassandra Tusa — A Meth Head And Her Pu55y Stank.Cassandra Tusa literally has no life and I heard she does meth.. it’s pretty clear when you look at her ugly man face! She literally can’t get over her ex and has been harassing his new girl for months! She’s mentally ill and needs help.. someone should put her in a mental institute for harassing and being obsessive! Like holy Fuk. Also heard this bitch pu55y stank like the maples factory! AND she picks her skin:0 but that’s probably from that meth. Btw Cassandra learn some respect and confidence. You look ugly with all that hate.. and jealousy..or maybe you just are.

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Matthew Rivera — Gold Digging Stalker

202-459-8654 Www.Rentmen.Eu/Turbulence NO SHOW! Asian With LOTS Of Issues About His Looks!