Brittany Figler — This Girl Is So Fake

Where tf do I even begin. Well for starters her cousin who’s only a year younger and autistic looked up to her and she just bashed her mom (aunt (uncle and aunt split)) and her cousins half sister (whom has no relation to Brittany) and her cousin stood up for her mom and Brittany didn’t like that, but her cousin stood up to her and stood her ground. Then the b1tch always stole cigarettes from her grandmother who just came out of the hospital with bone cancer, (sadly she was put back in the hospital) and basically took advantage of her well she still had the Chance. She is a slob, if you saw her room you’d be disgusted. She never picks up after herself and expects everyone to do it for her, does drugs but won’t admit it, drinks like she hasn’t had a glass of water in days. She takes in animals but then never takes her responsibility for the animal. She lived with her dad knowing that she was able to get away with a lot more sh1t than she would have been if living with her mom. She acts like a lesbian, and a slut but she is actually still a Virgin. She has a big mouth but can’t back up her sh1t.

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