Breanne Mcmillan — Put The Filters Away Botox Queen

Breanne Mcmillan — Put The Filters Away Botox Queen.Breanne Mcmillan takes the cake for the most sleaziest so called “friend” that someone could have. So long story short i go through my boyfriends phone and she is begging him to stop by her house when her man is not home so he can bring her free pepsi? LMFAO wtf is that? Don’t you and your man sell drugs? Don’t you have your own supply? Breanne you need a reality check and need to learn what loyalty is about! You and shaina are just filthy disgusting human beings who thrive off of pepsi and sleeping around. So funny that when this covid started shutting all the salons and her botox doctor stopped taking clients she lost it because she is nothing with out her fake bullshit she has to put in her body let alone on her face. Thank god you still got snap filters as we all know you look like you are pushing late 40’s with out the salon and botox. Breanne is going to be 30 with NOTHING other then her bullshit honda her fake boobs her sh1t attitude and her pepsi addicted babies that she keeps trying to have. Why on earth would you bring another innocent life into this world when the one you have now just gets pawned off ?

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