Breanne McMillan — Horrible Human Being

So i used to be a very close friend with Breanne Mcmillan and she is fake AF. When she is not sitting around with you she is with the next person telling them all your business and talking about you. Well im here to return the same treatment and what better site to do so. So lets start off with the fact that you have been pregnant three times in the past year and a half and now on your fourth baby i pray this one makes it out of your belly. When she is not weirdly obsessing over her boyfriend jeffs every move she is sleeping with her “friends” boyfriends. Her and shayna do this all the time and it makes me sick one in the same person here. She got mad about jeff posting and sharing a risky photo of Breanne but she also showed us photos of jeff as well as the sex tape they had made which was very much disturbing considering she sounded like she was getting hack sawed. When Breanne is not all done up she looks as old as her mother and dont even get me started with the family she would sit there and cry about her sister kayla always being in competition with her and how they used to sleep with each others boyfriends and how they had a three some with each other… ew who does that with a sibling. Just give Breanne a vodka and a line of pepsi and she will tell all. The party life is over Breanne do right for your babies. Be a better friend a better mother and for god sake a better human being in general.

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Brianna Justine — Nasty Rave slut. Loves To Suk D1ck

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