This guy right here has the WORST case of drd. he’ll try and tell you “they’re jus fat deposits i’m getting rid of them” cause he’s to embarrassed to admit he has it. he’s also a woman beater, i heard he threw his ex out of a hot tub jus because he was drunk. he beat his ex girl friend all the time, thank god she left his ugly a55. he likes to search up every girl in winnipeg on pornhub to try an find videos of them fuking so he can jack off his pimply penis, absolutely disgusting. he has a weird a55hole fetish too. not to mention he’s 21 years old and likes to floozy with 15 year olds. such a skinner and a complete waste of space. if u see this kid give him a good smack, he deserves it. his snapchat is samely83 and his instagram is benbabuik, put his a55 on blast.

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