Avery Anne — FAS Looking B1tch, Avery Anne

Check out this literal definition of a homewrecker, AVERY ANNE. Recently turned 18 and had two abortions before that. For a couple years she was screwing a taken guy, GEOFFREY MUSWAGON whose 30. Wanna know how desperate she is for d1ck? Listen to this, she moved into her aunties place right next door to her “side pieces” family, and pretended not to know “her man”. When her auntie had dialysis or when she was sleeping, they’d fuk around, while his kids and gf slept in the next apartment. LOL. Even take his gf car to drive around like the broke b1tches they are. B1tch can’t even afford cab fare lmao. Does your gran know you aborted 2 of his kids before 18? That he was 27 when you were only 16? That he had a family while you were shacking up and living off her old age? LMFAO. NOW SHE KNOWS. Trying so hard to act all tough on facebook and she had to get someone else to get her sh1t, knowing damn well what was gonna happen. Everyone knows who you are now, b1tch. Also, she has a nasty DRD. She’s easy and will fuk anyone, so guys, if you see this nasty hood rat/FAS looking b1tch, pick her up, she’ll open her legs to anyone, ANYONE. We be laughing at your ugly a55 when he cheats on you too LOL. Going crazy over a small d1ck. Enjoy him while It lasts, you aint ever going to be the only one,

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