Autumn Hope Turski

This overly tanned, girl is actually WHITE. Autumn why are you pretending to be a nationality they you are NOT? COMPLETE CULTURE APPROPRIATION at it’s finest. She spends her time in tanning beds and getting spray tans over top. Hun, if you stopped the tanning you wouldn’t need so much botox at 25 years old. Her instagam is full of paid advertisements even though half of her followers are bought. I guess during covid you can’t really sell your pussy at the bars that you sell bottles at. What are you STILL in university for? Gonna take you a decade to get a pathetic bachelor of arts degree. Do yourself a favor and keep snorting all that blow with your disgusting meth dealing boyfriend that sells cars during the day . This bitch doesn’t look like her pictures either fried hair orange skin and a really huge nose that she manages to angle or photoshop in her pictures. Autumn you are nothing but a mean girl, maybe that’s why you can’t keep a friend longer than a year.

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