Any Ducharme — Mother Of The Year

Alright so here we have Amy Ducharme for anyone that hangs Out with this chick chances are you are just as much of a loser. I don’t know how everyone else feels about her parenting but in my opinion I think those kids need to be saved for crying out loud before their mother lets the wrong people around them. Their mother is a floozy on the off days And when she feels bad about suking d1ck for money She goes and buys her kids Xboxs junk food spoils them with stuff they don’t need and you think you’re kids are living now. Wait till your daughter is 15 and wondering why her mother not once payed for a dental plan. Seriously your kids teeth look absolutely disgusting and as a parent you look pathetic yourself the fact you can flaunt like you’re top sh1t, flashing off pounds of weed on Snapchat while some greasers tell her to kick rocks, buys her self a 2000$ Louis bag while your spoiled kids are eating candy for breakfast. That’s the kind of parenting skills this chick has. You should look in a mirror before you go and bad mouth on someone else You’re literally a disgrace and the fact you think you on top of the world. I feel bad for those kids. speaking the truth isn’t being jealous you’re washed up I feel bad for your kids. She brings around guy after guy teaching her kids in the end that all men are garbage. That’s your mindset at the end of the day that’s what you teach your kids. You daughter grabs her crotch and talks about having a penis like seriously Amy are you mental and those kids need to be out of that environment.

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