Angel Traverse Wanna Be Tattoo H0e Artist

Angel Traverse Wanna Be Tattoo H0e Artist.This drd slut here think shes so good when all she does is sleep around for her needs of meth and pepsi.. including pills.. she cant even look after her son who’s in care but has time for all these guys to go and see her to suck them off is what she likes to do.. selling her A55 thinking noone knows who or what she does for a living, offering free tattys to the guys shes been with yet she sucks.. fk and chuck as I was told.. shes so skinny and scrawny looking.. she doesnt even look like her pics and is pretty much a fkn cat fish if ya ask me.. she isnt even that good in bed either.. here I thought it was going to be a good time when all she wanted was my drinks and pepsi.. always wanting to give me head.. what goes around comes around and that’s all you’ll ever be is a stay at home h0e where I’m sure every other guys been including myself.. huge mistake.. total cat fish.. and a stinky wee..

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