Amanda Novak — Psycho Amanda Novak

Amanda Novak — Psycho Amanda Novak. Nik, this is Amanda Novak. I know her through a friend. She thinks she’s all that and miss perfect but she’s so far from it. I’ve heard so much about this psychotic b1tch, she sleeps with multiple men, has two kids with different men, almost got knocked up by another. She then belittles people for having children with the same guys. Yet she can’t keep a man, she’s beyond jealous of other people’s happy relationships. She got evicted from her old place and slept with her landlord, did she think she would get her place back? Lol she was on assistance/welfare and now has a lousy job with her no good diploma, which is given out like candy, it’s surprisingly shocking that she graduated highschool. She insults people for needing assistance, she has no room to talk, she can’t pay her rent or her leased car not to mention her cell phone and TV, she loves I mean loves to brag about her oh so fab life she has. Yet she got fired from a few of her jobs lol She always is in constant feuds with her friends, she loves to open her big mouth which gets her into trouble and when sh1t happens she cries about it. She’s always asking for trouble, she owes people money. She absolutely loves attention, and she insults others for having risky photos but she has an a55 pic on her Facebook, and who knows what else. She also calls you with a blocked number but leaves you a voicemail lmao listen b1tch, you’re disgusting, always have always will be, nothing has changed about you, and never will. She has such a fat a55, should have a sign reading caution wide load, coming through. She thought it was oh so funny that other people are on here, and since she loves the attention, the drama and negativity so much, how is this for attention Amanda? Is it so funny now?

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