Allan Morath — Dirty Boy Who Lies About Everything

This guy lies about his age anywhere from late 20’s to early 20’s. I thought he was a clean guy but he’s not. He gave me trix maybe other stuff as I still have to go for blood work. He’s on dating websites looking for his next vitim. He does not use protection and I had gotten pregnant to which he asked for abortion right away, which leads me to believe he has done this multiple times because he asked me to do pregnancy test after 2 weeks of being with him. So he knows hes very fertile. He’s talking/sleeping with multiple women. He doesn’t pay for dates. He says age is not a matter but when things get rough he uses his age as a crutch to get out of situations which are not ideal for him. If he didn’t want a baby then wrap it up. Please if you have been with him or are currently with him get checked for EVERYTHING. Because even when I told him I was on antibiotics for trix he denied having anything saying he is fine but I was with him for a whole 2 months right up until i had issues down below and got tested.

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