Aaliyah Leach Jylah George-Marie Shallcross Winnipeg’s Finest B!Tch

Aaliyah Leach Jylah George-Marie Shallcross Winnipeg’s Finest B!Tch. Aaliyah Leach aka Jylah George-Marie Shallcross is probably the most scum I’ve ever met. She dated my friend for over a year and when they broke up that was when things went south. She started harassing him to the point he was gonna get a restraining order on her and to the point he didn’t wanna be alive anymore. She told people that he was a rapist and an abuser which HE CLEARLY ISN’T!!! He’s an innocent man and she wanted to ruin him. Not long ago she got pregnant with twins, and you wanna know what she did??? She killed her unborn twins by drinking heavy liquor for so many days straight!!! Like who does that??? If you didn’t want to have kids you could’ve just got an actual abortion. This sickens me. She’s also attending nursing school in Brandon. Wonder how well that well go. She’ll harrass people that she went to high school with online and call them out on sh!t. If any of you see her, stay miles away from her. She’s psycho.

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