Javon Mclellan — M*Th Head D1ck Gobbler

This is Javon Mclellan, he makes it a hobby to target his straight friends men and turn them out. This guy can’t keep a job to save his life, jumps from crappy call center to the next to fund his “habit”. If he doesn’t have enough money he’ll get on Grinder and beg to do anything for a few bucks, clearly needs some Jesus in his life. He blames his childhood on his white mother that she never thought him how to be a black man. But it’s no ones fault but his that he’s a broke addict loser in Wichita, he’ll back stab anyone he calls his friend and it’s just sad so he needs to be called out with his no connecting beard having a55. Just keep in mind that he does not mind sleeping with his friend’s men for compensation. Be careful around this one.

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