Justin Ross — Slimmest Skinner sluth Perpin Your People & Property

BEWARE OF THIS Justin “junkie” Ross. This creep does his homework on you to become a Cameleon Con Artist, shop lifting your every hearts desires. He is the super sneakiest sluth able to use his manipulation skills and his preditor hands to pull sh1t off right in front of yours and many others face. Warning if this super creep is being nice to you he thinks he will be able fill a few of his sicko fetishes with your kids. And of course being your pretend everything he will slide in you while your unconscious or if you have no prob with his huge gross dripping nose, sunk in eyes, and needle full of meth always stuck in his leg then he will try to be your seducing knight in stolen armor. Well when he’s not able to fuk your kids. SINGLE NATIVE LOOKING MILF MOM’S BEWARE. as this fisting fag seems to have this pattern. He moves around central Alberta quickly. So heads up don’t be his next mark. Protect your kids

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