Stacey Julia Pitcher — Homewrecker

Stacey Julia Pitcher — Homewrecker. Stacey Julia Pitcher is full time floozy part time mommy, excellence in waiting till men go to sleep to fuk with their valuables they work so hard for including their lives. When Dry Rat Stacey pitcher gets spare time she drives around in a black suv that mommy co-signed for in 2016 and moved her to stettler she should have stayed in red deer it is pointless for Stacey to move around she Is Doug dukes little whore aside of savanna foster lmfao. White sepremisy is almost a thing of the past but when these clowns need cash they get the girls up on sites to floozy themselves on for extra cash while they go parting working on a rig as blue collar workers that don’t have skid side shows to live off of. Stacey lives off those baby bonus checks but will suk off a black guy for beer money / Pepsi/ rent money/ vehicle payment so don’t tell Darren Stacey fuks Doug regularly for payment as protection for drama that she got locked into Red Deers a goofed out city this one tops the Cup Cake with methheads to bring down some guys that don’t like this clown. This chick is goofed out living with a cross around her neck while she off the life Doug Duke give you her in 2016 she just wanted a different man not some red deer crackhead so Darren Frank was the only option. Good luck Stacey Pitcher and her associates ….. lmfao whoop whoop.

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