Amy Long — Blonde Bimbo Liar

Amy Long — Blonde Bimbo Liar. Don’t trust this disgusting lying b1tch. She cheats on her current man Aaron . Works for a shady company out of sylvan lake called outback lawn maintence . She is truly an idiot. As soon as she feels it suits her she turns on you as a friend. She’s a complete Pepsi Sloooore . Has about two Brian cells left. The epitome of stereotypical white girl. Had her daughter taken from her , for good reason. She thinks she’s some lead hand at this company but sits in the truck while everyone works. Talks smack about everyone and the current company but when asked she lies. Let’s her daughter be sexually assaulted while she’s drinking at parties and is the farthest thing from a mother. Be careful sylvan lake she lives within the town. Beware this woman is evil and disgusting. She’ll screw up your life for fun because she can’t live without drama. God help us.

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