Iberiamkakrash — Sick Fuk

Iberiamkakrash — Sick Fuk. So basically he’s a 56 year old man who threatens my mom n wants to have sex with her in her ass n she always says no n he doesn’t stop he raped her lots of times she lives with him n when ever she goes out he always accuses her of fuking all these guys for money n everything he had token advantage of her n lots of other woman on Hastings he fuks floozies without condoms n has lots of drds he is so dirty n he is a fuking pig all he lives for is sex sex sex it’s so fucked up and he’s been in the crazy hospital many times n beat up his ex wife and raped her and he beat up my mom too n gave her a black eye this guy is craxy he hits our dogs and he turned off the hot water n everything so we couldn’t shower when there’s a fuking corona going on this guy is a sick fuk if you see him stay away from him or call the cops he belongs in the crazy hospital he hit my mom lots of times even once in front of me he is a fuking crazy muslim n he will get what he deserves one day he fuks all these floozies with needles in there arm n marks n doesn’t give a fuk n fuks them for money n all that he’s gross n he has drd n infection.

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