Arthur And Victoria Capps Racist Inbred Bigots

When it comes to accurately describing the filth that are Arthur and Victoria Capps; there aren’t enough words in the english dictionary. Racist, Bigots, Liars, Thieves and Animal Killers are just some adjectives used to describe these vermin. Arthur runs a “business”, if that is what you want to call it, and absolutely refuses to hire anyone who isn’t white. They both are notorious for dropping racial slurs at random and in public even. They don’t stop there unfortunately. Anyone who isn’t heterosexual receives the same kind of hatred from these degenerates. They believe that the recent news of police officers killing African Americans is all a ploy set up by the black community to establish dominance in this country. They both are hard core alcoholics and aren’t even smart about it. Victoria is notorious for having a beer in hand while driving and one in the cupholder. She even does this with her little granddaughter riding in the back seat. Nothing says “I love you” like knowingly putting your loved ones in mortal danger. The employees that Arthur does employ are required to fill out tax forms. Taxes are taken out of each check but these two don’t pay taxes…at all. Might be something the Better Business Bureau should know about. The roommates that have had the displeasure of staying with the Capps have been royally screwed over. These two would break into the rooms of those staying with them, go through their stuff, and let others do the same. They would take important documents, photographs or anything they think they could make money off of. They went as far as stealing mail just to make a buck. They have even tried to hold the roommates belongings at ransom. Their greed and depravity knows no limits. They even knowingly killed a roommates pet because they decided to shut off the power to the room that was exterior to the house. It got down to 14 degrees and the poor animal couldn’t survive in such conditions. All because they got feelings hurt. Don’t let these criminals fool you. They are both excellent liars and conmen. Lying comes as naturally as breathing does. Arthur has some kind of inferiority complex or something because violence is always what he resorts to…or threatens to anyways. He’s got a pretty big mouth for such a small man. Must be trying to compensate for something. When their roommates were trying to move their things from that forsaken place; he’d come busting in the room threatening violence because he thought they weren’t moving fast enough. He was just showing off how much of a man he isn’t. In my opinion, there are not two human beings in Wichita who are more despicable than these two. Avoid these people at all costs. Don’t do business with them. Definitely don’t engage in any kind of arguments with them either. To say that these two inbred trailer trash are idiots would be a compliment to them. They are beyond stupid and there’s absolutely no reason why anyone should stoop to that level of ignorance by arguing with them. Let’s get the word out about this horrible couple. Everyone deserves to know just exactly who they are dealing with when it comes to these nasty pieces of work.

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