Carrie Ann Hill — This Skank Ruins Marriages And Families.

Carrie Hill is the lowest. Not only did she ruin her own marriage years ago by cheating on her husband, but now she is helping ruin other people marriages. She knows they are married, blocks the wives on social media and does her dirty thing. Of course she lies about it when confronted, but there is proof and confession from the husband’s. She is in the health care profession so she is out there pretending to care about people and pretends to help them but we all know she is just a dirty a55 skank. She lives in the Yatesboro/Rural Valley area in Pennsylvania if anybody is local. She doesn’t care if there are kids involved. She helps ruin that too. Kids won’t have their dad every day and she helped do that. She’s a worthless piece of crap and should be blasted all over the internet for being who she is.

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