Clap Clap Mckala Carriere

Mckala Carriere is a homie hopping skank that has been spreading her clap clap all over Alberta. She has a DRD and she spreading it to whoever she can. She gets passed around while at her welding job, not sure how strike group would love to know about their worker. This girl because let’s admit she’s no woman, has a grow op of marijuana in her basement where she sells weed out of her house. Not sure how she has custody of her child when she leaves him alone in the house and he’s only two or three! The goofy man she’s with should go get checked for an drd because I can guarantee his fat bitch gave him the drips. She tries to burn wood and make art but in reality it looks like shit and nobody buys her ugly crap haha! Then she complains on Facebook that the only buyers she can get are from her weed dealing. This cow is so desperate for a man to love her she will blow any man she comes into contact with, beware of this skank around Whitecourt. Sloppy infected bitch should take better care of herself and get herself tested if she’s going to be giving blow jobs out like a hooker. Child services should scoop zay away from that sht mom, no wonder why this buck toothed slut can’t keep a man or her baby daddy. Ugly ass infected bitch stay in your lane you town mutt. Quit riding in your black infestation Jeep and go clean yourself up you useless fat druggie. I would feel ashamed of myself if I looked like you.

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