Andrea Dickerson — Sideline Sister Wife

Andrea Dickerson — Sideline Sister Wife. Lets introduce Andrea Dickerson aka baby mama #1 of Jairo Rodarte and sister wife to Kelsey Gunderson. Andrea loves to be a sideline cheerleader for Jairo and Kelsey as they all 3 have a nasty weird relationship. She cheers them on and is an instigator to their behavior of being the sluttiest couple in town. She thinks the act they put on for everybody is cute and acceptable. But what if it were happening to a child of her own? She allows this behavior of her child’s father and her sister wife Kelsey. Its only a matter of time before the kids of this little slutty family starts picking up on watched behavior. But what goes around comes around right? You can’t pretend to be a good person if you really aren’t and thats exactly what these 3 heartless sick people do. Give it up for Andrea Dickerson featuring her sister wife Kelsey Gunderson and the father of both their children Jairo Rodarte wichitas nastiest trio that LOVES to play house.

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